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February 2024 2nd Mile Giving Partner

During the month of February our Second Mile Partner is PACIFIC LUTHERAN THEOLOGICAL SEMINARY

How do we get our clergy leaders in the Lutheran Church? There are

many steps for an individual to take along the way, and the final part of the

process is by going through and graduating from a Lutheran seminary.

The Evangelical Lutheran Church in America has seven such seminaries,

and one of them is Pacific Lutheran Theological Seminary (PLTS), located in

Berkeley, California. Here at All Saints Lutheran, we are lifting up and celebrating

PLTS in the month of February, as a ministry partner in our Second Mile Giving


PLTS is the youngest of the seven USA seminaries. It is located in an

area that fosters innovation and new ways of being faithful to God’s calling. The

curriculum and formation of PLTS continue to be updated, to more effectively

prepare persons for ministries in the Christian church that is emerging in the 21st


PLTS was founded over 100 years ago, in 1910, in Portland Oregon. It

went through a few relocations, and settled in Berkeley in 1952. In 2014, PLTS

merged with California Lutheran University (CLU), and now is a graduate school

of theology of CLU.

To help us learn more about PLTS, and its students, we are making plans

to have a student from PLTS come on February 25 as a guest preacher, and

then join us for a Q & A session after worship. More to come … stay tuned.

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