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Covid-19 Response

While we adhere to suggested guidelines given by the Center for Disease Control and the county/state offices, we continually assess and evaluate the safest way for all to worship at All Saints Lutheran Church.  
Please see the guidance below with October update on latest strain at bottom.

Masks are optional at ALL indoor activities at All Saints Lutheran Church, including in-person worship, & singing.  This includes all special groups and ministry partners.  Safe practices/mask wearing are encouraged if you are feeling out of sorts or have been exposed to COVID.

Fellowship time  currently meets outside after worship during summer weather. 

Indoor fellowship after worship will resume seasonally when weather is wet or cool.

While not a requirement to attend worship, it is strongly recommended that you vaccinate against Covid-19 for your health and those around you.

There will be open windows to the outside air, and doors open to the narthex.  This helps with airflow, but also can make the sanctuary cooler.

Please dress accordingly.

If you feel sick, have symptoms, or in any way feel compromised, you can optionally attend worship via our zoom channel.  It is recommended that you notify the church office of a positive test for Covid 19.

Worship at All Saints continues to evolve with the current situation of our community.  These and other instructions could change weekly. This page will update with a time stamp above.

UPDATE 10-29-2022

There is a new COVID wave coming - variant BA.1.1 and it is hitting Europe now.  What to watch for: 1) Exposure can result in symptoms the next day; 2) the antibody test for COVID may not detect it, a negative result does NOT mean you don't have it; 3) starts out as a terrible sore throat, then progresses in a day or two to possible symptoms of cough, fatigue, congestion, runny nose.

Helpful steps to follow are: 1) wear a mask in indoor settings; 2) get the booster "bivalent" vaccine; 3) try to limit exposure to others if you have symptoms.  It is already in the Bay Area and we are likely to see a wave of infections by late November.

We will continue to update as we navigate this COVID challenge.

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