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Our Second Mile Giving partner for the month of June is Mt. Cross Lutheran

Outdoor Ministries.

There are two ministry partners for June's "advocacy month." The first one is Lutheran Office of Public Policy (LOPP) in California which serves the state of California including three Lutheran Synods in California: Sierra Pacific Synod, Southwest California Synod, & Pacifica Synod as well as several states (not Nevada). LOPP is part of the national ELCA Lutheran Office of Public Policy program operating out of its California office in Sacramento. LOPP engages in a large spectrum of advocacy issues, including migration and immigration, childhood poverty, food and farming, water, justice, criminal justice, and caring for creation. Their work is guided by its Policy

Council and by Social Statements of the ELCA.  Click here to read more.




Teagan, Ken, Linda McAndrew,Trent Blake, Jackie Green,

Gerrod, Reiko, Evelyn, Neyat Tesfay, Greg Burnett, Barbie & Shortie Lewis, Levi Allen


PRAYER REQUEST:  Click here if you have a prayer request  (Mobile device users, click link, scroll down to Prayer Chain info  &  continue until you see 'Send a Prayer Request' button.)


The blue sock barrel is hungry - eagerly awaiting  sock donations.   Let's fill the little blue barrel!

Food items are always needed by the SF Marin Food Bank to assist our neighbors in need.  For guidelines on what to give or not give, click this link, scroll down to "What's Needed Most?  Our Most Needed Items &  Some General Guidelines sections are very helpful.  

 All Saints donated 58 cans of soup + $52 from Soup-er Bowl Sunday to North Marin Community Services,

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