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  Pet Blessing Next Sunday, October 1, 2023:  On the Sunday designated as the Feast of St Francis, we have a worship service that includes the Blessing of Animals.  We gather with our pets in the Fellowship Hall with them under our control in a cage or on a leash.  Larger animals like horses can be brought to the outside door to the Fellowship Hall for a blessing.  This is always a special time for pets and their people, and we hope you will invite your friends and neighbors to join us this coming Sunday.

 Our Second Mile Giving ministry partner for the month of September is California Lutheran University.  This university, which provides opportunities to students for faith and vocation in a diverse culture, has been providing Lutheran and Christian education since 1961. Please join us in supporting this important ministry. For more detail about this ministry - click this link.  On the 2nd Sunday of the month, we will have a special Second Mile Offering at worship.  You may of course make an offering to the second mile partner any Sunday.  Please join us in supporting this important ministry.

Thankoffering Service, Sunday, October 8, 2023:  Each fall, the All Saints Women of the ELCA lead the congregation in a worship service of thankfullness, and gather in financial gifts for the outreach ministry of the whole of W-ELCA, which reaches out in ways we in our local congregations cannot  Over the years, the focus has been on women and children in poverty; through scholarships, training, etc. women have been able to make better lives for their family and their communities.  We are pleased to have Cheryl Schroeder bring the message this year.  All are encouraged to support this important work.

Kent Webber Bible Study - Pastor Kent Webber has begun a Fall Bible Study class {hybrid}: God's Reign, Human Kingship and Messianic Hope in Ancient Israel.  Class is held Mondays 10:30-11:45 in our Sanctuary and on Zoom.  To participate, contact Kent.   For study materials, see Pat Cash.



Linda McAndrew, Judy, Reiko, Teagan Fettig, Jackie Green, Gerrod, Evelyn, Neyat Tesfay, Donna Sanders, Audrey, Greg MacIntosh, Jim Perfetti, John Sack, Josie Ranjo, Nicole Berg, Mike, Eli Roncal, Bob Hodges, Heidi Lemmer, the family and friends of Greg Stenstrom

PRAYER REQUEST:  Click here if you have a prayer request  (Mobile device users, click link, scroll down to Prayer Chain info, continue scrolling until you see 'Send a Prayer Request' button.)


The blue sock barrel is hungry - eagerly awaiting  sock donations.   Let's fill the little blue barrel!

Food items are always needed by the SF Marin Food Bank to assist our neighbors in need.  For guidelines on what to give or not give, click this link, scroll down to "What's Needed Most?  Our Most Needed Items &  Some General Guidelines sections are very helpful.  

 All Saints donated 58 cans of soup + $52 from Soup-er Bowl Sunday to North Marin Community Services,

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