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Zoom Instructions

To join the online event with video, click on the link provided on the website, in newsletter, announcement or e-mail.

After you click on the link to join the online video program, here a few tips and guidelines:

  • The first time you may be prompted to install the Zoom program. Click "YES". You do not need a Zoom account to attend.

  • In the future, when you click on a zoom link, you may be asked if you wish to allow Zoom to open. Click "Allow".

  • When prompted if you want to use audio, select "Join with Computer Audio".

  • Click "Gallery View" to see everyone.

  • In the bottom of your window is a "Mute" button and a "Video" button". Make sure your video is on so we can see you. If it is not, click the "Video" button.

  • We will begin the program with everyone on "Mute" and encourage you to keep "Mute" on so that we are not distracted by background noises in each other's homes.

  • When it is time to share, click "Unmute" so that everyone can hear you while you speak.

  • Click "Mute" again when you are finished speaking. (Mute is located either at the bottom of your screen or if you hover over the picture of you, the option to mute will appear.)

For those who either cannot access it via the internet or prefer to join by phone, here are audio only options:

  • By Mobile Phone: Tap the number in the newsletter or e-mail, which will take you straight to the event without touching another button:

  • From a Landline, Dial: the phone number provided. Once prompted, enter the Meeting ID, followed by #.

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