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September 2023 2nd Mile Giving Partner

Our Second Mile Giving ministry partner for the month of September is California Lutheran University (CLU).

CLU is one of two ELCA Lutheran

Universities on the West Coast. It was founded in 1959, and started classes in 1961.

The University now has 3,615 students (undergraduate: 2,513 and

graduate: 1,102). Their students come from 40 states and 59 countries, and

represent a diversity of faiths and cultures. CLU is led by a faculty of 182 full-

time professors and 247 part-time professors.

From their website, we learn of their purpose: “The specific and primary

purpose is to establish and maintain an independent post-secondary institution of

higher education that attracts a diverse community of teachers, learners, and

staff and is shaped by Lutheran educational values, specifically those associated

with the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America or its successors.”

In 2014, one of our other ministry partners, Pacific Lutheran’s Theological

Seminary (PLTS), became a part of CLU. PLTS is now one of the several

schools of California Lutheran University (School of Management, School for

Professional and Continuing Studies, College of Arts and Sciences, Graduate

School of Education, Graduate School of Psychology, and School of Theology).

Please join us in celebrating and supporting the wonderful ministry of this


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