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November 2023 Second Mile Giving Partner

Updated: Nov 29, 2023

In November, our Second Mile Giving Partner is ELCA World Hunger.

Last year, we noted that there is a number out there that doesn’t seem to

improve ... about 821 million people are hungry (around 11% of the world’s population).

It is continuing. And in the United States alone, more than 40 million people are unsure

where their next meal might come from.

An irony about this is that a number of food and hunger organizations are sure

that the earth can produce enough food for everyone! ELCA World Hunger, our Second

Mile Giving ministry partner for the month of November, is one of them. Their approach

is to start with conversations and listening to communities in need. They know best.

And then ELCA starts working with ELCA congregations, global companion churches,

the Lutheran world Federation and other partners like Bread For the World, Church

World Service, Lutheran World Relief, etc. to provide relief and assistance, and make

connections will reverse all of this.

Through this comprehensive approach, domestically and globally, ELCA World

Hunger is striving to end Hunger and poverty in the USA and throughout the world.

ELCA World Hunger is supporting projects in 34 US states and territories, and 63

countries. Our Social Ministry Team thanks the members and friends of All Saints

Lutheran for their support of the Second Mile Giving Program and asks for your

continued support for our Ministry Partner in November, ELCA World Hunger.

Please join in supporting this vital global ministry.

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