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Our Second Mile Giving Partner for May

Our Second Mile Giving partner for May is Mt. Cross Lutheran Outdoor Ministries. It is located in the Santa Cruz Mountains (the main camp is in Ben Lomond, CA) and is celebrating seventy-one years of ministry.

In 1948, several Lutheran Pastors and church leaders founded "Mt. Cross Lutheran Bible Camp" as a place in Northern California to enrich youth ministry Programs. Since that time, Mt. Cross has expanded to provide ministries for people of all ages. It has become part of the national organization, "Lutheran Outdoor Ministries," and is now known as Mt. Cross Lutheran Outdoor Ministries.

On Sunday, May 24, a representative of our Social Ministry Team and a representative of our Youth, Family & Community Team will host a forum after worship to update our congregation about the programs of Mt. Cross. This will include information about the various summer programs for different age groups, other programs during the year for families, and some updates about rebuilding and renovations after the CZU Lighting Complex Fire of August 2018.

Please join us in supporting the important ministry.

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