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May 2024 2nd Mile Giving Partner

Updated: May 6

Did you know that Lutheran Outdoor Ministries has 118 sites in the Evangelical Lutheran Church of America throughout the USA? Each of these sites serves as the church in outdoor settings, nurturing Christian faith and providing experiences connecting the Word of God with the world of God. In our Sierra Pacific Synod, we have only one of these sites … but it’s ours. It is Mt. Cross, and is located in the Santa Cruz Mountains, near Ben Lomond, and has 108 acres of coastal redwoods.

This camp was founded 76 years ago, and has served children, youth, and family ever since in this outdoor setting. The name came from a suggestion of an old time pastor (Rev. Ylvisaker was his name), who explained that “Mt.” stood for the terrain, and “Cross” derived from “Santa Cruz” which means Holy Cross.

Under the leadership of Executive Director Andrew Templeman, Mt. Cross is again offering camp experiences at their site, which include various age groups. These summer camps are: Grades K-2 [Explorers], grades 3-5 [Pathfinders], grades 6-8 [Trailblazers], grades 6-8 [Confirmation], grades 9-12 [Voyagers], and camps for families [Family Camps].

Please join us in best wishes and prayers (and a financial offering, if you are able) to Mt. Cross as it continues to provide “profound experiences in God’s creation”.

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