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June 2024 2nd Mile Giving Partners

In the Second Mile Giving Program of All Saints Lutheran Church, we feature

various ministry partners monthly. For the month of June, we lift up two ministry partners, one in California (Lutheran Office of Public Policy, or LOPP) and the other in Nevada (Lutheran Engagement and Advocacy Nevada, or LEAN). When we talk about advocacy, we think about state legislatures. That seems appropriate. There is a saying: “Jesus spoke to politicians, so should we."

In this article, we will provide information about one of the two agencies, the Lutheran Office of Public Policy (LOPP). LOPP brings advocacy information and needs to the California state legislature; it does so on behalf of the three Synods in California (Sierra Pacific Synod, Southwest California Synod, and Pacific Synod) and the 400 congregation in the three Synods. LOPP is guided by a policy council and by social statements of the ELCA. The presentation of information to the legislature is coordinated by the two staff members of LOPP: Regina Banks, Director, and Savannah Jorgensen, Legislative Coordinator. The staff of LOPP acts directly with the legislature, and acts in concert with various other offices, such as Lutheran Social Services, Women of the ELCA, Pacific LutheranTheological Seminary, the LOPP Policy Council, etc.

We are grateful for the advocacy work of LOPP and LEAN. Please join us in supporting the important work of these Christian advocacy organizations.

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