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December Second Mile Giving Partner

Our ministry partner for December in the Second Mile Giving program is

Lutheran Social Services of Northern California, or LSS. It traces its roots back to 1883

in San Francisco, when a group of West Coast Lutherans who got together to celebrate the 400 th birthday of Martin Luther. These folks also raised money to care for orphans

and widows, and the roots began. Over the years, several social service programs and

agencies formed to advocate for and serve the needy. In 1968 a merger formed what is

today Lutheran Social Services (LSS) of Northern California.

Today, LSS focuses exclusively on services that prevent and end homelessness.

This includes a range of direct services, including money management, supportive

housing, employment counseling, job readiness training and case management to

ensure each person LSS serves receives care and support they need to get their life

back on track. As a result of these efforts, nearly 4,000 individuals of all ages are in

safe, stable housing and receive care and support they need. This happens through a

network of 32 supportive housing programs that LSS manages in seven counties

(Contra Costa, Sacramento, San Francisco, San Joaquin, Solano, Yolo and Shasta).

We ask friends and members of All Saints to join in supporting this very important

organization and ministry partner in prayer, and as you are able, with financial


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