All Saints Lutheran Church

2 San Marin Drive, Novato, CA 94945

Kids Talk with Gayle

We worship every Sunday morning at 9:30 a.m.

What does worship at All Saints look like?

A typical Sunday morning will see about 80 individuals, young and old, boisterous and quiet, all joining together to worship God with song, prayer, Bible readings, a message from the pastor, and a communion meal around the altar.

What is communion?

Communion — also called Eucharist — is a meal of specially blessed bread and wine, which we believe “contains” the body and blood of Jesus “alongside” the bread and wine.  This meal is offered to all who accept Jesus as the risen Christ.  Communion is offered at all Sunday services and at most special services throughout the church year.

When are the services?

All Saints holds one worship service every Sunday morning at 9:30 a.m., with additional services at Christmas and Easter.  During the summer we occasionally worship outdoors on our front lawn, and during the seasons before Christmas and Easter (Advent and Lent) we also worship on Wednesday evenings.

Are children welcome in worship?

Absolutely! All children are warmly welcomed in the sanctuary with supervising adults during the entire service.  Parents of infants and children younger than about three years old- if they are more confortable doing so- may leave their little ones with our children’s attendant in the nursery, located adjacent to the sanctuary in the Children’s Center, for the entire service.  Older children are invited to a “Children’s Message” right before the sermon, and are then invited (but not required) to leave the sanctuary for “Kids’ Church,” returning in time for communion.

What if I can’t sing?

Lutherans are well known for their love of song, but it’s not a requirement for worship.  Non-singers may simply listen and contemplate the message of the lyrics and the melodies.

What’s the dress code?

Most of our worshippers wear casual business attire to worship.  A few wear dresses, suits and ties, yet we will welcome you with “shirt and shoes.”

What if I arrive late?

Empty seats are always available toward the back of the sanctuary, and worshippers have been known to arrive in the middle of the service.  Late-comers will be greeted by an usher, and are asked only to come in quietly.

How do I follow the order of service?

The entire worship service, including all spoken sections, hymns, and instructions for standing and sitting, is written in a worship bulletin given to you by an usher when you arrive for worship.

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