All Saints Lutheran Church

2 San Marin Drive, Novato, CA 94945

Rev Dr. Stephen Giordano joined the All Saint’s family as Interim Pastor in March of 2017.  Pastor Steve earned his Master of Divinity at New Brunswick Theological Seminary in 1976 and returned there to earn his Doctor of Ministry in 2001.  Pastor Steve and his wife Carla are both native New Yorkers, but happily moved to Novato in 2012 to share their life and home with their daughter, her husband and their now 7 year old grandson.

Pastor Steve has served with: the Old First Reformed Church in Brooklyn, NY, the Clinton Avenue Reformed Church in Bergenfield, NJ, the Massapequa Reformed Church in Massapequa, NY and the Presbyterian Church  of Novato.

Pastor Steve’s primary roles in this Interim status are preaching, providing pastoral care and working with the All Saint’s Leadership and Church Family as they serve the Lord together in Novato and beyond.

Pat Cash, a long-time member of All Saints, has served as church administrator for several years.  She oversees facility, office and business functions, and fulfills a myriad of other congregational tasks as needed.  Pat is also a leader in various activities of the Sierra Pacific Synod of the ELCA, and is a trainer, retreat leader and teacher in church systems nationwide.

 Kristie Boyden, the Children’s Center Director, was born and raised in Great Bend, Kansas. After graduating from Kansas State University, she drove out to San Francisco with her college roommate for a summer vacation in 1974, and never made it back. She began working at the Children’s Center in 1991 as one of the Beaver (elementary school-age) teachers, became Assistant Director in 1994 and has been the Director since 1998.




Sue Kovarik, Assistant Director, is a born and raised California girl. She grew up in Marinwood, and received her AS from College of Marin. When Sue’s boys began attending All Saints, she was working at the Ferry. She decided to make a career change and joined the All Saints family as a Honeybear teacher in 1995. She became Assistant Director in 1999.




These are our teachers:

         Peggi Printz grew up in Novato, and now lives in San Rafael. She started working at All Saints in 1990 as a Honeybear teacher, and did field trips with the Beavers (elementary school-age kids) in the summers. She and her family                  moved to Pennsylvania in 2002, and we were thrilled when she returned to us in 2008.

        Jayne Vitorelo is a native San Franciscan, now lives in Novato, and joined us in 2001. She works primarily with the Raccoons (Pre-K) during the school year, and joins the Beavers during their Summer Camp.

        Sherry Ingram is originally from Iran and now lives in San Rafael. She began working here in 2003 and works primarily with the Raccoons (Pre-K).

        Renee’ Becker is also a Novato native. She started working for us in 2004, and works primarily with the Honeybears and Baby Bunnies.

        Miriam Ayala is originally from Peru, and moved to San Rafael when she was eight years old. She now lives in Novato, and began working here in 2005. She works with the Chipmunks (three-four year olds

        Ben Boyden also grew up in Novato, lives in San Rafael, and attended Santa Rosa Junior College. He joined us in 1997 and works primarily with the Beavers (elementary school-age kids) and Raccoons (Pre-K). He plans the Summer              Camps for the Beavers, in addition to being our “closer.”

Last but not least, our Teacher’s Aide, Julie Kissling, was born in Massachusetts but she and her family moved to Novato when she was a child. She has worked at the Children’s Center since 1982. She helps out with the Baby Bunnies,          the Honeybears and the Chipmunks.