All Saints Lutheran Church

2 San Marin Drive, Novato, CA 94945

Praying Together

What is Prayer?

Prayer, simply, is conversation with God.  In prayer we offer thanks to God for God’s presence in our lives, for gifts and miracles received, for life and love.  We ask God to help us in times of need:  illness, grief, loss of a job, difficulties in relationships.  And we listen, by being silent in meditation, and by being aware of God’s love in all we do.

How Can I Pray?

We can all pray alone at any time:  driving on a crowded freeway, by our bedside morning or evening, watching ocean waves, in the midst of a crowd walking a busy street.  We can also pray together with others:  in church during a worship service, before meals, during any gathering with others who acknowledge God.

What is the Prayer Chain?

All Saints Lutheran Church maintains an active e-mail “prayer chain” that connects individuals all across the country who agree to pray for individuals known to us who

  • Need God’s special care and attention (illness; loss of a loved one)
  • Have received a special gift and wish to thank God (new births, job promotions, recovery from illness).

We send our prayer requests to a central e-mail address and from there our “prayer warriors” receive e-mails requesting prayers.

How can I request a prayer?

Send an e-mail to  Your request can be simple:  “Prayers, please, for ______________, who (will have surgery; needs support with a difficult situation; broke a leg; has a new healthy baby).”  Full names are not required; God knows for whom we pray!